week 1 - Design Analysis

The poster of 64th Festival de Cannes is one of the most loved graphic designs.
Festivals with great tradition and authority tend to choose the 'safe' choices especially when it comes to the poster. Since those posters are focusing on advertisement and gathering more people. Those posters should convey the identity of the festival, but also information about it at the same time. Now we don't need to thanks to smart phone and the internet though, they still need to notice when, where it happens, who is coming, what people can expect there.

These are still beautiful and beloved graphic designs.


And here's what they did.


The parallel lines of 6 and 4 is aligned with Faye's invisible arm, and her leg lines are perpendicular to them, which brings the focus to the center of the circle of 6. Her legs looks like emerged from the center. So the grid system is tilted. It is also interesting that Faye's position look alike number 4.

It is very bold, simple and strong. By reducing elements as possible, the graphic became more outstanding among all the posters. Even the stroke of the number '64' is too thin, you can barely read it. it impressed people even more.

It is possible Festival de Cannes has a strong, and consistent identity that they advocate avant-garde, philosophical film festival. People feel how Cannes is confident and elegant at the same time.

They are using only two colors (gold and black), and saying their name and when it is.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 5.28.31 PM.png