my autobiographical fandom timeline

While I eager to recollect all the fan objects in my life, I tried to link them to each other to organize all the different kinds of obects.

Fandom map-1.jpg

I'd say that I am a minimalist, which means I can't or don't keep anything for a long time, whether it is a physical object, memory, feeling or conceptual theory that I am keen on.
So in my case, it is rare that I am loyal to certain fan objects for a long time. Even though I was fascinated by something, soon I feel the burden of physical or mental possession and the whole passion could be completed by letting them go.

Instead of keep loving one thing, my passions were evolved from time to time and shifted from one to another. I found out that Kim Hyungtae influenced me how to see the fashion. In the game illustration, garments, accessories, and hairstyle show the characters attitude, story, and personality. That made me interested in the relationship between the biological intrinsic attribute and custom symbols of physical body and functionality of clothing (include every item people can wear or bring together).

When you feel attracted to some items and when you chose what to wear every single day, you are unconsciously affected by historical customs in that culture, biological instinct, and dynamics between the society. Therefore what you wear, is actually you. As people believe in politically correct, shouldn't we judge people by their covers? or is it just denying statistic collection of countless meaningful choices?