week 1 response

How fandom is different from

  • Mary Sue - Do they want to project their own desire to the fan object? do they understand and feel the fan object better than the original creators? Why do fans of one fan object accept changes whereas fans of the other fan object never allow?    
  • Hipster / Snob - If some fans left the fan object for the certain reasons, are they just disloyal or did the creators disappoint them? Could the ideal fandom population differ according to the attribute of the fan object? Or were they certain type of fans who always foster the fandom in the early stage? like early adopters? 
  • Religion - Can only religious people be fans? How about atheists and agnostics?
  • Moe - one of sufficient condition? or a totally different meme?
  • Secret fan -What if does someone actually admire one fan object very personally and secretly? (isn't it a fandom because it is love, not religion?)