Design for Discomfort - Reading Response2

Emma Sulkowicz : Physical approach straight forward

Tatoo performance + expending the sensation

Stelarc : Jesus - The Last King of Scotland( Hanging body by pierced back.

David Eagle 

What is the difference between so-called  new VR experience and old video game experience / cyber experience. Can VR be the extension of body? Sure but why does people treat VR so special? Compared to that Digital/Tabletop game system have developed UX experience over the same or more time than since the computer invented, these so called HCI, UX experiences are not sophisticated enough, but not learning from game that much due to the stigma.

Designing Sports: A Framework for Exertion Games

Four lenses: the responding body, the moving body, the sensing body, the relating body

Using Fast Interaction to Create Intense Experiences