Design for Discomfort - Reading Response 5

“The Gut-Wrenching VR Work That’s Got the Art World Talking about Violence”, Isaac Kaplan

I also experience Real Violence at that time, felt the same way with the writer. I guess the key point of this artwork is shutting down the exit from the experience, which is really smart. I guess when the VR experience is getting effective is when VR can do better than the other media, but when VR can do what other media cannot afford. I love to watch game streaming, and I could see that even very old and cliché horror games gets real when the players plays on VR, only for the reason that you can get out of it. Interesting part of VR is that the experience itself is totally digital, but the interaction to set the experience for quit it should be physical. I guess that confliction in urgent, vulnerable situation extremize the feeling and experience.