Design for Discomfort - Reading Response3

_The Limits of Virtual Reality: Debugging the Empathy Machine: VR for empathy and presence. In my thought, the speciality of VR is cutting bandwidth to lose the focus due to outer factors by holding the audience in the headset. However, it doesn’t mean that just using VR makes immersive experience. We understand and sympathize someone else by reading books, watching movies and playing games. Only difference is the time to take that happen and how alluring the medium is. We can say the same thing for VR experience also, but wonder if it is effective enough , it do looks fascinating. I cannot still find any speciality of experience that only VR can provide.

“I sure feel uncomfortable being in this situation with you” – Twin Peaks and the Sublimity of Awkwardness: Uncanny Valley(Sorites Paradox,Violation of human norms) and The uncertainty. They looks like essential components of cult horror. I didn’t watch Twin Peaks so not sure I can treat that as cult. For me cult is the most horrifying genre more than anything. I guess that comes from something is going on that I cannot totally understand, and there is a big number of people who agree on which I never can, and that will makes me horrified to make me think ‘maybe I am the one who’s crazy here’. I guess that’s why most horror artworks which explains everything doesn’t horrifies at all.

Mediated social touch: a review of current research and future directions: Hospice robots. Dan Chen, End of Life Care Machine. Touch is super effective way to trigger discomfort. If the touch is between humans, it will arise discomfort. Touching rises the vulnerability. I think Jordan did a good application of touching as experience.