Design for Discomfort - Reading Response4

Sam Durant Doesn’t Need Defending: I read from the book Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, Catharsis is most effective after taking some time. It’s hard to define how long the ‘some time’ is, but it was warning about forcing people to talk about trauma or like experience for the purpose of healing and medication doesn’t work at all, actually works in the opposite way. It makes people only upset and aggressive because they didn’t have enough time to digest the happening and emotion related to that. I don’t understand what exactly happened with his sculpture, but I guess he should been more careful if he was not the member who went through the event.

Discomfort Design: Critical Reflection through Uncomfortable Play: In a Game Design class I was taking this semester, one student presented about GTA and we talked why it was so successful GTA is the most financially successful media ever including all movie franchises. We talked a bit why it was succeed. Mostly the conversation was about how the Rockstar games are white male centered and presenting macho world of view. I also tired to play GTA but could enjoy that much because of motion sickness, but did play another game LA Noir from Rockstar. What I felt is GTA gives you the sense of freedom. We believe or are educated to be good people. Even if we are born to be good, there are always lines and constraints that we cannot do as a part of society. From not throw trashes away to the street, to not to kill people. What GTA gives is, let you do whatever you wanna do (or you just can do in that world.) It is the same that you can experience violence in other games, but there are still justification, such as they are aliens and you need to protect the last of humanity or something. In GTA, it just reconstructed the real world. If you are hitting people and run, it is just hit-and-run. If you kill, it is just murder. There is no justification. In my case, as a detective I need to drive not hitting anything in LA Noir, which was a big stress and hinders to enjoy the game. However, if I hit the traffic sign in GTA, I got points, rather than gets penalty for that. I think just letting people enjoying all the taboos in the society is the secrete of the success of GTA, and we can apply that component in the part of experience we design.