Soft Robots - Bio-Inspiration


My inspirational life is sea jellies.

The interesting features that I found are they do have the nervous system but do not have hearts or brain. Even though they drift in the sea, rather than actively swim, they still have vision and chase after the food if they need to.

Especially jellies like Halitrephes shows fascinating body structure with the fluorescent coloring, which helps to figure out their mechanism to free drift with a high-pressure fluid environment.

 The fact that they do not have hearts and brains might be a good example for soft robots. The major difficulties of soft robots are how to facilitate circuits and batteries for the soft robots. Mostly soft robots are not robust enough for regular hardware components. (You can see many demo's of soft robots are still connected to the big mother board or controller.) If you think of making a school of jellies which has collective intelligence, jellies could be a good model for it.  As serious the pollution of the earth is, the pollution of universe (near to the earth) is serious as well. Due to the fact that humanity can not deal with the debris of rocket launch, making clean explorers could be a big deal in the near future. I expect universe explorers inspired by jellies can be a solution for the situation. Instead of making one big rocket, making jellies-like rockets that makes full uses of environment such as stellar wind and magnetic field of planets.