Soft Robots - Silicon molding

I got the inspiration of organic structure of ears for the silicon molding. I chose acrylic sheets as the material because it requires short time. 


I drew the scatch and make a plan for the molds. I need 3 different laser cutting - 0. the bottom 1. walls that I will stack on the bottom (as the edge) 2. a stancil for the fluid


IMG_6028 2.JPG
Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 8.49.13 AM.png

cut the acrylic sheets with laser cutting.



stacked the edged on the bottom sheet with glue. I tried to use the acrylic cement in the beginning, but the glue gun worked good enough.


I poured the silicon to the half height and cured them. Supposed to spray with the acrylic stencil, but I failed to cut it out since it is melted while laser cutting. I used cardboard stencil instead, and it was the fail factor. The stencil was not secured on the silicon evenly.


It works almost what I expected, except some part of the fluid is not separated from each other. I think that is because I used the wrong material for the stencil. I guess I can make a better one if I fix it, and I can challenge to make 3D molding next time.