Neuroscience and Art - project suggestion

 David Eagleman's speak was so inspiring and opened a novel view of potential sensory system and cognition according to that. It reminded me of 'extended tactical experience' that Alun Anderson argued about. 

 Before watching the talk, it was not easy to think of new kinds of sensory system. After watching that, as an engineer, it was much clear and fascinating to think of brains as general purpose computing devices. The example of the stock market vest was a radical and proper example of how far we can extend the sensory system and showed how dystopic inheriting wealth the world could have. Even riches don't need to educate their offsprings to turn their wealth over. Their offsprings will just 'feel' to make decisions.


 The way of hacking brains, expending the umwelt, is applying the same scheme that we are using to teach machines nowadays. Since people could not figure out the whole algorithm of complex tasks (such as reasoning), we started to teach machine without teaching how it works, using the neural network. Giving out the inputs and results makes the linkage as if the machine has the nervous system on it. On the other hand, the possibility of teaching machines in this way means we also can teach human body, in the same way, thanks to the state of art technologies. We can say that the traditional way of education was the way of figuring out the algorithm behind the reasoning and teaching human with that. This concept of the addition of umwelt is teaching human body with machine learning way, which is originally imitated the original way how brains work by giving the physical inputs and outputs.

So my project was searching for an umwelt of what we really could not have imagined due to the dimensional limitation of the world that we are living in.


- hypercubes: beyond spatial three dimensions, just could conceptually be reached out.
- quantum physics: the uncertainty principle is intuitively against the understanding of human scale universe.

Especially, the quantum physics is mainly based on the statistical interpretation of what we observed from nature, which is the most struggling part while I am doing my bachelor in electronic engineering. What I expect is the intuitive and physical, multi sensory understanding or physically unreachable dimension could give the hints to solve current issues or topic in academia, or real life. In case of quantum computing, even if the issue is the technology to control qubits, we could expect deeper understanding would lead to some hints. As mentioned above, I believe the reasoning of quantum physics works with the neural network way of teaching for having based on the statistical attributes.


0. figure out which model would be more feasible between hypercubes or quantum physics (according to the accessibility to the input and output data of them)

1. Set  output sensory to the body (it could be visual, tactical, or auditory. I am not into using visual model since visual analysis and recognition is tightly correlated to the world we already live in and the conscious rational part of brain, I believe)

2. come up with hardware, software model of it...?(may be too ambiguous).