Neuroscience and Art - reading response 0

 The way of figuring out the functionality of brain and nervous system is very similar to the way of development of reasoning. Ever since people have started to fix the concept of 'mind and soul', Humanity has fought with all the myths about reasoning. From the recent writing of Edge foundation by Richard Dawkins, he suggested with the concept of 'Blaming the gene, not the person'. As we figured out that how the brain works, now we can take down the algorithm of so-called free will. Since we could, and we are analyzing that which parts of the brain control people's behavior, we cannot punish the behavior of the criminals. Their behavior not in charge of anything anymore. According to Richard, we must consider the biological, genetical, environmental factors that lead to the crime rather than showing the hatred toward the felons. That is because their faults are more close to 'disease', and those criminals and felons become to the patients or minorities who need to be 'repaired, or fixed biologically and genetically.' 
 Blaming on genes is very alike to how memes survive and how we are powerless from it. The concept of meme says that every single thought, saying, making decisions is controlled by meme, as if our body is just a vehicle of genes. Civilizations and the culture which are holding the endeavor to survive and make offsprings of humanity could be interpreted as primitive instincts to just carry the gene of their kin, or nationality. Meme also takes over the mind of humanity to spread out and flourish, as the parasites control insects to get to the water even though that would lead them to die. This concept set us free from all the responsibility and duty of morality, which could be also mere a myth to sustain human society from genetic sociological view.