The rest of you - the swear jar for human bias

Checking my bias with IAT test, I wanted to make a tool that reminds me of the association that I have.

I used, which provides to link several services together. 
My original idea was to link my Instagram likes and Qapital(is a service to save little money towards your goal in certain conditions you set.)

I thought my deepest secrete (and also public at the same time) desire is Instagram likes that I make because I don't have to expose it to public and Instagram is full of instant tempting visual images. 

Let see my Insta recommendations.


(It's a bit full of animals at the same time,) my recommendation is full of pretty and skinny non-Asian models and celebrity. So it would make sense every time I like those pics, let Qapital transfer my money towards the swear jar.

However, Instagram at IFTTT does not have those options (do something everything I like some posts.) so I changed to look up Facebook.

Since I usually share some links to articles, and I could find they can reinforce some kind of humans bias (European beauty, Asian geeks of Silicon Vally.) Also for the reason that Facebook reinforced the preference of presidential election, I could use IFTTT between Facebook and Qapital.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 3.41.45 PM.png

So now my Qapital works every time I share my tentative-implicit-bias-reinforcing-link shares.