Neuroscience and Art - living two lives

 Like Joseph in Bible, I was a huge dreamer, who physically dreams a lot, frequently, consequently, and on a big scale almost every night while growing. In my case, people I meet in my dreams are totally new and fictional figures so my life in dreams was separated from the real life. The interesting part of my dream is the world have a strong base of existence. When I hear other the dreams of other people, they were mostly about their friends and family, and what is happening there was pretty mundane. 
My dream is mostly chasing someone or being chased by others, escaping from collapsing building, going somewhere to save my people, whatever they were it was dramatic and sounded very fantasy-like. Also, the places and people are very solid, so I could recognize the place and people in other dreams which were continued several days, or several months later. For example, while I was being chased, I could recognize the part of the area that I was running, so I could make it work to escape. Sometimes I meet someone who I know their background in totally unrelated dreams, so I could negotiate with them with my 'memories'. I dreamed the same dreams again and again but in a different role. If I dreamed as a victim, I dreamed as an attacker on the other time. Since I experience those dreams already, my tactics were evolved every time. Those experiences were so solid to me, so I could make maps and facebooks for the figures in my dreams. Whichever important is, I enjoyed living those two lives. 
 As I had a very clear experience in my dreams, I expect to have Brain Machin Interfaces while sleep feels the similar way. It would feel very 'natural' and not exhausting to learn new information. However, who can I give the permission to access my dreams? Especially while I am in a subconscious status? I sometimes dreamed according to the TV sound that I was hearing during the sleep (which could be a casual acoustic non-invasive neural interface), how I can prevent if someone wants to manipulate my memory, opinion or memory? I know that sleep is an effective status for BMI, but I guess people would feel frightened to use it unless there is the safety guarantees.