Voice -tweet reader

For expressive interaction, I made a chrome extension that reads tweets that I expend the card.

Here's the video of it. Check the code from GitHub.
Referenced from Speak Selection of Chrome extension examples.

It was the first attempt to use chrome extension, so I just made it as easy and quick, but I think I could push through to make it more expressive.
I tried to use Twitter API for the first time, but it is only for subscribing the authorized account. BeautifulSoup/Puppeteer could make the work easier, but I am not sure it also applies to already open window. As far I understood, it is more for automated scrapping. Therefore, I used vanilla javascript to access the tweet contents.

-Now my twitter account is set in Korean. I might affect the way it parses the tweets.

-I am using the basic Chrome TTS engine, but I guess I can make the voice more expressive by using other engines. (Watson expressive SSML again/or changing the rate/pitch/volume.